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This website, “I Know Barbados“, is a collaboration between Scott Heal and Rob Foster.

Friends for close to 40 years, they have both been fans and promoters to their friends and families of this beautiful Island.

In the case of Scott, he grew up there, married a local girl and has lived there/travelled there for business and pleasure from an early age. Rob has visited the Island many times and it is his destination of choice in the Caribbean.

The site is intended to answer questions for you, make recommendations based on their experiences, and help make you feel comfortable in your choice of going to Barbados, with the ultimate goal of helping you plan a great vacation.

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iKnowBarbados.com and the content authors are not travel agents nor travel professionals (although both have done their fair share of travelling over the years). This website contains their opinion only and is be used as a guide as to what is available on the beautiful Island in the Sun.

It is advisable to research the choices fully when you are choosing to travel to Barbados (or any other tourist destination, for that matter). In most cases, we provide appropriate links to help continue your research.

iKnowBarbados.com is not responsible for content on external Web sites.

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